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Jul 21, 2011 7:00am PDT
attack. the big cat leaping over a wall as you saw there before terrorizing a village in eastern india. it mauled 11 people. and at one point, as you can see there, pounced on a man's back. eventually the locals were able to beat it back with knives and sticks and stones. we see those photos. remarkably, though, dave and robin, no one was seriously injured. >> saw the jaws open as he was on that man's back. >> it is a common problem as those villagers push deeper and deeper into what was forest. >> into their land. all right, josh. thank you. >>> let's get back outside. another check -- >> with the only man that looks cool. no sweat. it's sam. >> good morning, robin, david, josh. let's get to the boards. we have a lot to talk about with this heat. there are now 32 states under heat watches or warnings or advisories. it has spread into the mid-atlantic and the northeast. large population centers that may or may not be ready to handle this kind of heat. and forget it. it's the heat and the humidity now. your index level, 113, 112 in raleigh. and, yes, dallas, you're used to it. it feels
Jul 29, 2011 7:00am PDT
person will be born in india in october. that's exactitude for you. >> wow. >> and by 2050 earth's population will explode to more than 9 billion thanks to medical advances in developing countries. >>> and millions of americans who take extra strength tylenol are being told to cut back on their daily dosages. beginning this fall, johnson & johnson will direct users to take a maximum of only six pills a day instead of eight. the change is aimed at lowering the risk of accidental overdose and liver failure. >>> a surprise announcement from tiger woods, returning to competitive golf next week at the bridgestone invitational. woods had been sidelined for nearly three months after reinjuring his knee and achilles. last week, he sent a tweet saying, quote, feeling fit, end quote. >>> and finally, the news we have been waiting for, at least i have. happy feet is heading home. you remember him. >> yay. >> the world's favorite emperor penguin, certainly, took that wrong turn and ended up in new zealand, where it's considerably warmer. he was eating all the sand because he thought it was sno
Jul 14, 2011 7:00am EDT
time it was a top editor. >>> in india's financial capital mumbai is on high alert after three bombings rocked the city at rush hour. investigators are combing debris trying to determine which terror group is behind the attack, which killed at least 17 people and wounded more than 140. >>> and new evidence this morning that any recovery in the housing market is still a long way off. foreclosure activity actually rose by 4% last month compared to may. now analysts expect at least 800,000 homes will be repossessed this year alone. they say that number would be far higher, but banks are actually backed up trying to process all thehe defaults. >>> and finally, the academy awards of theports world. they are espn's espy awards complete with red carpet fashion and, oh, boy, was there a standout this year. giants star brian wilson is award crazy. he proved it. he was calling it a onesie. built-in gloves and his cougar cane and a beard where i do believe they have whole ecosystems yet to be discovered. >> it is a look. >> it is a look, yes. >> such a strong reaction. you seem jealous of
Jul 13, 2011 7:00am PDT
morning, three large explosions have been reported in mumbai, india, each of them in the largest parts of the city, the home of the 2008 terror attacks that killed 166 people. early reports say that at least eight have been killele today. no word on what or who may be responsible for the explosion, though one government official did say it must have been a bomb blast. >>> and a new report about security at the nation's airport, despite the crackdown after the 9/11 attacks, airport security has been breached 25,000 times since november 2001. bus, the tsa insists those incidents represent only a tiny fraction of the billions of passengers screened over the past decade. >>> children now make up only 24% of the population. 13% of the population is now over 65, but that is expected to balloon by some 20% by the middle of this century. >>> and their recent trip to north america made one thing abundantly clear. prince william and his wife catherine are the epitome of newly wedded bliss but that is not so the case fofo monaco's royal newly we'ds. prince albert and his bride chalene wittstock and
Jul 28, 2011 7:00am EDT
4th birthday. now dna testing is being conducted on a young girl in india spotted by a british tourist who said the girl resembles mccann now 8 years old. however, a french woman and her husband insist that they are the parents of the girl in question as the mccanns await those dna tests. >>> and now an extraordinary fight for life. a new york pilot crashed his small plane into one of the great lakes while flying to wisconsin. somehow he managed to stay afloat for almost a full day. you can say he was, george, buowed by among other things a profound sense of human. >> a minus. >> he was quieting, shaking because he was very cold. >> reporter: he is an incredible survivor twice over. 42-year-old michael trapp rescued from lake huron wednesday after treading water for a remarkable 17 hours. that after managing to successfully crash land his plane. it began during his flight from new york to wisconsin for a family reunion when his cessna's engine began to stall trapp ditched the plane in lake huron then he says heent into survival mode. first trying to signal passing boats by refl
Search Results 0 to 11 of about 12 (some duplicates have been removed)